Children Paediatric Dentistry

Children Paediatric Dentistry

We all wish that we and our children have healthy teeth, as well as a pleasant and beautiful smile. In terms of children’s dentition or pedodontics, it is good to know that it is formed even before birth.
As soon as 4 months before the birth, the first teeth appear which go through the gums in the lower part of the mouth, also called the central incisors, followed by the incisors from the upper part of the mouth.
Up to 3 years of age, all the 20 milk teeth appear, and the permanent teeth appear around 6 years of age.
All parents should be aware of how important is to keep the milk teeth healthy.
Occurred cavities if not treated might affect the development of teeth. It is preferable that parents should not give their children too many sweets, sweet foot or drinks. A child should start brushing his teeth at 2 years of age, and his first visit to the dentist should be after two and a half years of age, when the teeth stop appearing.
The main purpose of the Corina Dent clinic is also the health of your children’s teeth.
This is why we advise you take into account the following instructions for brushing your children’s teeth:

  • toothbrush should be places at a 45-degrees angle;
  • easy start brushing below the gums in a circular motion;
  • firstly, brush the outer surface of each tooth, both above and below; then go on with the inner surface of both the teeth and the gums;
  • brush the tongue;
  • use dental floss;

Also, we provide you with prophylactic treatments, too (fluoride, sealing).

Children and bruxism

It appears as a teeth grinding due to several causes:

  • poor alignment of teeth;
  • nervousness and anxiety;
  • response to earache or teeth appearance;
  • states of child’s concern or chances in routine;

Some of the effects are as follows:

  • disturbed sleep;
  • high temperature;
  • cheek biting;
  • damage of tooth enamel;

These disorders can be corrected by simply wearing special trays. For the parents concerned with the healthy growth and development of their children, Corina Dent gives you the following tips:
1. Never five too much sweet food or drink to babies and children of any age, especially during the night, because they can affect dentition!
2. Do not tell your child: "Let’s go to the dentist while the cavity is still small and does not require any injection!"
3. Reward him for his proven courage!
4.Make him feel like a grown-up when he goes to see the dentist!