Dental technique laboratory

Dental technique laboratory

Our list of dental technical works could go on with other dental technical services that you can only find here, in our Corina Dent dental clinic from Constanta.

Another branch of dentistry constantly changing and developing is the dental technique.With the help of the latest technological and scientific discoveries, we, Corina Dent clinic, offer you a range of services of performing the best prosthetic quality. The prosthetic devices we offer you are various and responsibly and safely performed.

Physiognomic works

  • ceramics on a metal structure
  • capacity-pressed ceramics
  • C.A.I
  • diamond on a metal structure
  • ceramics on an implant
  • estensa on a metal structure
  • jacket estenia
  • inlay estensa
  • duropont on a metal structure
  • acrylic jacket
  • acrylic jacket with metal cover
  • acrylic Weisher

Movable prosthetic

  • Rhein system for unilateral prostheses with 2 or 3 teeth
  • MK1 Key system
  • skeletal prostheses
  • skeletal prostheses with moulded hooks
  • movable prostheses
  • total prostheses with special anchor
  • crown and root devices
  • prostheses repairs
  • surgical form
  • Wax-Up
  • teflon gasket replacement for skeletal prostheses
  • bruxism tray
  • bleaching trays
  • IV-class plaster study model
  • Kemeny

Quality Certificates

We garante the quality of our services thrue many certificates achived.