Endodontic treatments

Endodontics – Endodontic treatments

Another branch of dentistry that Corina Dent dental clinic deals with responsibility and competence is endodontics.
This field of dentistry deals with the treatment of dental root canal.
This is why the tooth lifetime depends on how proper this treatment is. The procedure called endodontics applies when the tooth nerve is seriously affected by a cavity or a severe trauma. The symptoms which ask for the canal treatment are: tooth increased sensitivity when eating very cold or very hot food, pain when chewing, tooth stains or constant pain.
Our smiles workshop, Corina Dent, offers its patients an efficient canal treatment which will stop the extension of tooth infection to the neighbour teeth, and also the destruction of the affected tooth.
Our dentists you will find at Corina Dent will perform this treatment in due time (1-2 sessions), and its cost is affordable to all pockets.

Corina Dent dental clinic offers the following endodontic services:

  • pulp treatment (direct or indirect capping, pulpotomy, root canal, pulp removal);
  • endodontic treatment and re-treatment;
  • recalcification;
  • teeth whitening;
  • root amputation;