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Corina Dent Dental Clinic and dental technique

They say that laugh is your first business card.

It could not be more truly. A beautiful laugh brings in joy, light and beauty.
Corina Dent Dental Clinic has earned its reputation as Constanta dentistry by its professionalism, experience, responsibility and competence.
Aici, veti gasi acea clinica de care aveti nevoie pentru a putea afisa zambetul frumos mult dorit.
Corina Dent is proud of its last generation equipment with respect to dental technique.
It has a dental technique laboratory with the best quality dental products which make a simple visit to our dentist cabinet free of the well-known scare

Dental Clinic Constanta

Corina Dent Dental Clinic offers the best services and dental treatments and the most affordable prices for all its patients.
The team of dentists that welcome you is based exclusively of a great professionalism, competence, experience, and an extraordinary collaboration with its patients, making them feel secure in this dental clinic.
Corina Dent Dental Clinic has several dental cabinets, ultramodern equipment, and its dentists provide the following services: implantsendodontics, prosthetics, dental radiography, periodontology,oral surgery, etc., all according to the needs of its patients.

Corina Dent - Dental Clinic

For the best dental services, we wait you in our dental clinic or to call us.

Smiles workshop

Corina Dent offers its patients a comfortable waiting room where the patients can admire Romanian folklore elements (clay, wood, ceramics objects, icons, popular costumes), making them feel relaxed, detached and proud of the Romanian culture.
Our Smiles Workshop transforms the dentistry into art due to its modern equipment, dental techniques, dentistry products, dental treatments, dental cabinets, dental laboratories, the team of well-prepared and responsible dentists, good-quality hygienic conditions.
This is why Corina Dent Dental clinic is the best option when choosing a clinic for solving your dental problems.